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WebVR - A-Frame - Google Cardboard - iOS - Android - Unity - Gear VR - Oculus Rift - HTC Vive

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Case study - VR:LAB

Technology: A-Frame, WebVR, Javascript, React, Redux

VR:LAB - A interactive virtual reality web site for Google Cardboard and desktop

In 2015, the Danish virtual reality story telling company Makropol gathered 18 Nordic artists and producers to create 9 point of view VR experiences. The project was called VR:LAB and the result was exhibited in Copenhagen.

Makropol wanted to have a home page for VR:LAB that was built for virtual reality, and Immersion FTW developed a unique browser experience for them tailor-made to be viewed on the Google Cardboard.

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I'm a freelance virtual reality developer with an expertise in Unity and browser based VR solutions

I have 16 years of experience with professional web development, my most recent 5 years with Podio as a developer, engineering manager and agile coach.

I consider myself an expert in browser-based virtual reality solutions, and my extensive C# experience makes Unity my obvious choice for more advanced and demanding VR projects.

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